Biotown, Ottawa, running an Indiegogo campaign

I recently backed an indiegogo campaign to help improve Ottawas biomakerspace; We need your help! This campaign will allow us to undertake a water testing research project which we are developing in collaboration with a professor from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ottawa. We hope to make the process

More Logo Ideas for Romford MakerSpace

One of the Romford MakerSpace members has been working on some original logo ideas to be our new permanent logo, the one we are using at the moment does the job but we as a collective would really like to have something that comes from the mind of our super

Jester Hat! AKA emergency fancy dress

So some could say that this is maybe not post worthy and that i'm using it for filler and they would be correct. However it doesn't take a way form the fact that after nearly 3 months notice of my friends 40 Birthday fancy dress shindig I still hadn't sorted my