Visit to 3 potential locations for the workspace

We visited 3 potential locations today and took some photos. It was pretty interesting, and I am fairly optimistic that that we should be able to find something we can build a workspace in, somewhere central in Romford, given the variety of unoccupied space that seems to be available!

1155 sq ft Storage Space

The first space we looked at was a 1155 sq ft storage room that had previously been used as an office, and was located in the access area to the rear of the shops. It was in a pretty tatty state of repair, but nothing we can’t deal with. The guide price is something like £7 per square foot, and it is available on a 1 year rolling lease. I’ve asked for more details on the associated service charge and building insurance costs.

Taghi negotiating the price.
Ken. For scale.
A doorway.

It was basically a big square floor, with a smaller partitioned rectangle room. The main issue that was obvious was that for laser cutting, there was little in the way of ventilation to the outside. There was a small vent into the corridor;

30540140665_f23c444efe_k 29906873253_6fb0b30234_k

and we would probably have to come up with some solution for that problem to make it workable.

3109 sq ft renovated office space on floor 6 of Lambourne House

The second site we looked at was the 6th floor of Lambourne house. This is a recently renovated basic office space with a kitchen, and toilets accessible from the lobby area. It was pretty much as you would expect from office space, and there was a nice view from the window;

30241893890_e33570a6b3_b 29906924583_b4f7994b65_b 29910911194_7faae9cb5b_b

There are also a couple of shots I took from a previous visit, of floor 5 that has the same floor space;


The guide price for this space was £10-12 per sq ft (plus a hefty service charge), available on a three year lease. I am told that there is some wiggle room available on the price.

3109 sq ft unrenovated space on floor 6 of Lambourne House

The final location we had a look at was pretty fascinating. We were told that it had been leased to a bank, who had vacated in 2002, and the space had been empty since, and it certainly showed.

The space had the existing partitions, and was in need of quite a bit of maintenance. However it might be possible to get a deal with the landlord to occupy the space, and carry out basic renovations ourselves for a significantly reduced rent.

Some modern features;

30243192600_6bd6fa9df6_b 29910912154_8a44eb96ed_b








Plans of floor 6 and 8 of Lambourne House

floorplan6th floor-layout
There is a gallery including the shots above available here;

(reminder me to get some better photos on the next visit!!!)

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