Jester Hat! AKA emergency fancy dress

So some could say that this is maybe not post worthy and that i’m using it for filler and they would be correct.

However it doesn’t take a way form the fact that after nearly 3 months notice of my friends 40 Birthday fancy dress shindig I still hadn’t sorted my S#!t out enough to get an outfit sorted. the party was at 6pm, It was 2pm!

So thinking on my feet I rushed down to the Pop-Up to see what I could come up with. Then I had a real “why don’t you”/ “blue peter” moment and came up with a jester hat and thanks to:

Cardboard, paint, ducktape & shoelaces. I think I pulled it off. The outfit was completed with Hammer pants & cherry red DM’s. Not bad for a frantic 30 mins down the Pop-up



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