Biotown, Ottawa, running an Indiegogo campaign

I recently backed an indiegogo campaign to help improve Ottawas biomakerspace;

We need your help!

This campaign will allow us to undertake a water testing research project which we are developing in collaboration with a professor from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ottawa. We hope to make the process of recreational water testing approximately 4x faster than current methods allow, resulting in same-day results and improvements to public health.

Our biohackerspace in the Arts Court is a fully-functioning, general-purpose biology lab, but as a non-profit, we are having difficulty replacing reagents. Any additional funds will be used to launch a revenue-generating cycle of workshops that will cover material costs. Beyond that, there are some luxuries it would be nice to have, like an orbital shaker, pH meter, microscope, and nanodrop. Aside from using this project to position Biotown in the Ottawa community, your support will allow our lab to come to life!

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