Plasma Cutter CNC build – intro – part 1

Background: Originally we had an OX-CNC router from oozenest, however it turned out to be too big to be practical. So we switched out the X and Y axis parts to come up with a shorter, narrower unit. One that could more easily fit on a desk or worktop. However this left us with a 1.5 metre long and 0.75 m wide CNC base, so the obvious thing to do with that is build up a CNC machine that could drive a plasma cutter.


The original machine
We ended up with a much more practical machine

However we were left with the original base

The base left over

For the Plasma cutter parts with have a Stamos-50


and we have this cutting tool


It’s obviously going to be difficult to mount that in the ox tool mount, so we might have to look at a “straight through” version instead….


However the main issue is getting the X-Y-Z axes moving and under control…

the next step will be covered in part 2.

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