Plasma Cutter CNC build – intro – part 1

Background: Originally we had an OX-CNC router from oozenest, however it turned out to be too big to be practical. So we switched out the X and Y axis parts to come up with a shorter, narrower unit. One that could more easily fit on a desk or worktop. However

Biotown, Ottawa, running an Indiegogo campaign

I recently backed an indiegogo campaign to help improve Ottawas biomakerspace; We need your help! This campaign will allow us to undertake a water testing research project which we are developing in collaboration with a professor from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ottawa. We hope to make the process

Visit to 3 potential locations for the workspace

We visited 3 potential locations today and took some photos. It was pretty interesting, and I am fairly optimistic that that we should be able to find something we can build a workspace in, somewhere central in Romford, given the variety of unoccupied space that seems to be available! 25

Ideas for Romford MakerSpace workshop workspace designs

Hello, Looking at the potential workspaces available in Romford, I thought I would do some google sketchup animations of what various floor sizes look like. This one is some basic ideas for 1000 Square foot of workspace. If we were really lucky, then this is what 3100 Square foot of workspace might look