Plasma Cutter CNC build – intro – part 1

Background: Originally we had an OX-CNC router from oozenest, however it turned out to be too big to be practical. So we switched out the X and Y axis parts to come up with a shorter, narrower unit. One that could more easily fit on a desk or worktop. However

RomfordMakerspace Sign

This Group project started out of necessity. we had a lovely pop-up space but no signage to put on it. one of the guys suggested that all the members take a coupe of letters and each make one in a diffferent media to put on the wall. A true MakerSpace

Jester Hat! AKA emergency fancy dress

So some could say that this is maybe not post worthy and that i'm using it for filler and they would be correct. However it doesn't take a way form the fact that after nearly 3 months notice of my friends 40 Birthday fancy dress shindig I still hadn't sorted my

Electronic Chessboard

This is a project to build an electronic chess set using basic digital fabrication tools such as 3d print, laser cutting and cheap electronics. We have made an initial prototype of the pieces which are open source and available on github